about anna

Anna Sutherland is an illustrator based in Seattle, Washington.  Her art ranges from whimsical fashion sketches, to custom bridal paintings, to cartoons.  Anna works with a variety of mediums - watercolor, ink, and acrylic.  Her personal style is largely influenced by dresses of the 1950's and black and white photography from the likes of Brassï, Norman Parkinson, and Ruven Afanador. Anna also specializes in custom bridal portraits and live drawing at weddings and designer events. Anna’s live art has been showcased at a number of events for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Nordstrom, and Glamour Magazine.

Louis Vuitton | BOTTEGA VENETA | Glamour Magazine
Clinique | Eileen Fisher | Macy's | Nordstrom